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Hauz Khas

Hi Everyone!

Sorry I haven’t uploaded in a while. I’ve just been having such a great time in Delhi and now I have lots to share! A few years ago, my family decided to do a small trip to Delhi and that’s when I really saw the main touristy parts of the city like Qutab Minar, Humayun’s Tomb, Red Fort, India Gate etc.  This time, I decided to explore some of the other places around the city.

Last weekend, I made a trip to Hauz Khas Village (closest Metro – Green Park on the Yellow Line). I suggest getting down near Aurobindo Place Market (if you’re coming by auto/car) and walking to Hauz Khas Village. It should take you about ten minutes tops and you’ll get to see a few gomtis and a mini replica of the Jaganath Temple in Puri. Hauz Khas Village is a nice  green stretch dotted with small boutiques, trinket shops, art galleries, cafés and the best part – beautiful ruins! Unfortunately, I went there around sunset so I didn’t have much time to check out the boutiques and galleries because I wanted to see the ruins before it got too dark. I really wanted to make a trip to the Kunzum Cafe but maybe the next time…

Anyway, Hauz Khas means Royal Tank and here, you can see the tank which was excavated during Alauddin Khilji’s reign (1296–1316). If you enter from the Deer Park, you can take a lovely stroll around the tank. In the same complex, you can also find the Madrasa constructed by Feroz Shah, pavilions, a mosque and his tomb.

Here are some photographs 🙂


What I loved most about Hauz Khas (besides free entry!) was how people living around the ruins had made this place a part of their home. I saw boys playing cricket, aunties gossiping, friends catching up, young lovers in convenient corners and even dogs on their walks. I think the best time to visit would be in the evening. This way you can take a nice walk without the Delhi heat killing you and you can watch the sun set from the Madrasa, which is really worth it.

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