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No More Monday Blues 2 – Green Tea

Hello, I’m back! I had some trouble logging into my wordpress account. To cut a long story short, I forgot my wordpress password and I also forgot the password to the email account on which my wordpress is registered! Then I procrastinated for a long time about fixing it and finally, I have access to my account again.

Since it’s Monday, I’d like to share something that I absolutely love – Green Tea. Well, I love any kind of tea but green tea is one of my favourites.  Last year when I went to Sri Lanka, I went absolutely crazy with the choices of tea that were available. I picked up tonnes of different flavours and types of tea. My absolute favourite place was the Mlesna store. I was like a kid in a candy store! I wish I had pictures to show you how beautiful the shop was and the varieties of tea that were available. With the amount of tea that I drink, I soon ran out of my supply of Mlesna teas but luckily I found that Spencers stocks them in their gourmet section. Although, there aren’t that many varieties, their green tea is available at most outlets and it’s really delicious.

The benefits of green tea are known to everyone so there’s no point repeating whats been posted all over the internet! But I do recommend switching to green tea if you’re anything like me and love drinking several cups of tea a day. In fact, as I type, I’m sipping on a cuppa!  🙂

Mlesna Green Tea. I like the illustration!


Ah! A french touch.


Rs 42 for 10 bags. Worth every rupee!



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