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Health and Glow EN-VY Nail Paints

L-R: Hot Stepper, Plum Love and Cougar Girl.

I got these nail paints from Health and Glow on offer – Buy 2 get 1 free. They had a great selection of colours including bright yellows, blues and greens as well as some sober nudes and browns and some lovely pinks.  My mum and I selected these few shades and that’s why there are no brights 😛

Priced at Rs 49, they really seem to be quite good. I had applied 2 coats of Plum Love (the lilac-y one) and it stayed on my nails for about 3 days without chipping and after that, just minimal chips here and there. If you’re a student like me and don’t want to dish out too much for nail paints, this is a great brand to try.

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