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No more Monday Blues!

I hate Mondays! I hate them so much that, on Sunday evenings I start feeling the blue.  So, in order to cheer up my Monday mornings (and yours), I decided to start a weekly feature where I’ll share some of my favourite things.

Today, I want to introduce you to my ten year old Labrador Retriever – Clover! No matter how upset you might be, there’s nothing like a wagging tail to cheer you up! He’s always up to something and his antics always give us a good laugh!

Clover is sensitive to emotions and he just knows when to be there for you. When my grandfather was diagnosed with stomach cancer, he moved to Bangalore to stay with us. He was really broken and Clover could sense that. He would sit by my grandfather’s side all the time and he would bring his toys in to share with him!  Clover was a puppy back then so he was very hyper but when he was around my grandfather he would put on his best behaviour. When my grandfather passed away, Clover sat down near his body and did not move from him till they took the body away to be cremated.

Clover loves eating EVERYTHING but his all time favourite food are tomatoes! In our old house, the vegetable hawker, while passing by, would roll a tomato into the gate for Clover every day. Now we have a small organic garden at home but we never get to eat the tomatoes because Clover steals them before we can get our hands on it!

He hates being photographed so I have to be very sneaky while getting a shot of him. Here are some photos!

Eying a biscuit!

A rare moment when he’s actually looking at the camera!

Play time!

Do you have any pets? You can share their photo by sending me a link. I would love to see them and give them a snuggle 🙂

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