Avon Haul and Review – Extra Lasting Eyeliner and Mascara

Extra Lasting Mascara and Eyeliner

I have got two great products from Avon to review this time. Our hostel guard is an Avon Representative and a true fashionista! I was introduced to Avon cosmetics by her a few years ago when I started college and though some products have been misses, many of them are true hits!

Last month’s brochure (September) had an offer on the Extra Lasting Eyeliner and Mascara. Buy any for Rs 229 which I thought was a great deal. I picked up the black mascara and the eyeliner in Cobalt.

Avon Extra Lasting Eyeliner in Cobalt

Interestingly, this eyeliner is called Midnight Blue on the carton and the brochure says its Cobalt. I also remember that the green shade of this eyeliner was shown as a purple but called Emerald! Anyway, it’s a lovely shade of deep blue and it’s quite glossy as well. I really like glossy eye liners so I liked the way this one dries.  It comes with a felt tip brush which is kind of flexible so it’s quite easy to use.

Flexible felt tip!

Lovely shade of blue.

Cost: Rs 229 on offer  (I think original price is Rs 389, not sure)

Quantity: 2.5ml


1. Glossy finish!

2. Good consistency – not too runny, not too thick.

3.  I really like this colour. Probably also because I love anything blue!

4. The brush is easy to work with.

5. Doesn’t


1. While it does last long on my eyes, I feel it’s slightly flaky after I’ve had it on for a while.

2. Quantity is pretty less.

3. Available only through Avon agents.

Avon Extra Lasting Mascara

I can’t decide whether I like this mascara or not. Luckily, my eyelashes are naturally curly and long so I usually skip putting on mascara because I hate the long process of cleaning them off my eyes! The Avon Extra Lasting mascara does make a big difference to my lashes. It makes them look thicker and longer and I love the effect it gives! But then, it clumps a lot and it’s a bit difficult to apply neatly because the consistency of the mascara is weird. It’s a little too thick so the wand picks up lumps of mascara in places. It’s quite difficult to remove as well and I’m a bit particular about removing every single speck of makeup. For Rs. 229 though, I think it does a pretty good job of making my eyes look good. I’m not sure if I’d want to pick it up again though.

The wand is nice but the mascara is a bit clumpy.

Cost: Rs 229 on offer (I think original price is Rs 389, not sure)

Quantity: 7.5ml


1. The wand is flexible and has a good design. Makes sure that eyelashes are coated properly.

2. Reasonable price on offer.


1. Too thick and clumpy.

2. It’s a pain to remove!

Left : With Mascara
Right: Without Mascara
Both with eyeliner

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