Miracle Product – Saibol Ointment!

I was in the pharmacy a couple of days ago and my eyes fell on this precious tin! Now let me tell you, I’m a sucker for things that come in tins and have this old vinatgey feel. Incidentally, I also love period dramas and period films ((any Downton Abbey fans?) especially anything related to wars. Anyway so while my mum was getting a long list of medicines, I quickly looked up Saibol on my phone but I couldn’t find any useful information other than their official website so I just picked it up to see what it might be.

I had three HUGE ugly pimples on my face and they just weren’t going away. I thought Saibol might be a good experiment. Believe it or not, in 24 hours, my pimples were visibly reduced and in 36 hours, completely vanished! So basically, I’m in love with this new discovery but I’m also surprised that I couldn’t find any information about it online. But their website says they are a South Indian pharmaceutical company and their products can be found in most places in the south. I found it at the Medplus Pharmacy in Bangalore so I’m guessing several pharmacies must be carrying it.

How I used it – I just washed my face as usual and dabbed a bit of the ointment on my pimples. I did this twice a day – morning and night.

This just caught my eye!


Thick, white ointment with a slight rosy fragrance.


The other side of the tin. You can see the ingredients.


Love the different languages on the sides.



Cost: Rs 17

Quantity: 15 g

I’ve only used this on my pimples. I’m sure about how it works on cuts and boils etc. I think the salicylic acid and boric acid in this ointment really helped to get rid of the pimples. Have any of you tried this product? I would love to hear your take.


Please note: Pimples are caused to due to different reasons for different individuals and it’s best to consult a dermatologist for treatment of acne.

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