Flormar SUPERSHINE Nail Paint – 48

I just have to put SUPERSHINE in capitals! This nail paint is really, really shiny and can probably even blind someone. That being said, I kind of like it!

Flormar is a Turkish makeup company and I was happy to pick up a few bottles of nail paint at NewU. I really like the colours that were available but I limited myself to two bottles – a purple and a pink. Here are a few photos of the purple!

The problem is that my limited knowledge of photography and the capability of my camera could not capture the real colour of the polish, so you’re going to have to use your imagination a little!

“Shine and Hot” – Whatever that’s supposed to mean!

A little more blue than this…

… a little more purple than this!

Cost: Rs75

Quantity: 10ml


1. Lasts long without chipping.

2. Nice colours available in the range.

3. Reasonably priced.

4. Nice, long brush (but I still can’t manage to apply nailpaints neatly!)


1. Ummmm… might not be easily available? I’ve only seen these at NewU.

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One thought on “Flormar SUPERSHINE Nail Paint – 48

  1. kofykat says:

    Love this one…. one of my favourite brands. And I believe they are a Russian brand? someone told me.

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