Coming soon – Destination Kolkata and Getaways!

I love traveling to new places, trying out different cuisines and meeting people. As you can probably tell, I’m living in Kolkata at the moment (for 3 years) and it’s a wonderful city to explore. There’s so much happening – theatre, dance, music. Lots of old British buildings, hidden eateries, colourful markets and I can just go on! So I’m going to start a series called Destination Kolkata where I’ll share new photographs and information about the typical and the not-so-typical places to see, eat, visit when you’re in Kolkata.

I’m also planning to write about weekend getaways from the city’s hustle-bustle. I remember sometimes it’s been a litle difficult to gather enough information about smaller places in West Bengal while going on a trip so I hope this will be helpful!

Any suggestions are welcome!


4 thoughts on “Coming soon – Destination Kolkata and Getaways!

  1. Doel says:

    You are in Kolkata ha. Are you a Bengali?
    Interesting topic though. I’ve lived in the city my entire life, but i’ve got to admit i’m not much of an explorer. Looking forward to your information on hidden eateries.

  2. Ricky says:

    Destination Kolkata sounds like a very interesting topic indeed. Can you please lay emphasis on the olden part of the town and how kolkata is different from other metros and why it is indeed the city of Joy?

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